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Much Learning does not teach Understanding

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Monday, September 12th, 2005
7:56 pm - Salutations
I imagine most of you will be befuddled and gobsmacked to find that the aging members of staff here at Hogwarts have acquired these magical journals, but I assure you it is all for the best! We are only thinking of you, after all - your educations, your safety and so on; what better way to remind you of upcoming student events, due-dates for homework assignments and detentions than these natty little things? Much less costly than owl post and much more timely than informing you in person - yes indeed, this newfangled gadgetry is the way of the future!

Now, where was I...ah, yes...

You have all been back 'in the saddle' as it were, for a week now, and myself (and the rest of the staff) all hope that you have settled back in to the routine here at Hogwarts. New students, I hope you are finding your way around the place without too much hassle; a word of warning - if you see a small, see-through gentleman with a grin that wraps several times around his cranium, walk swiftly in the opposite direction. He wishes you no harm (...mostly) but he will make you severely late to class. And your professors will be less than understanding after the first few weeks, if you are continually tardy.

Argus Filch has asked me to pass on a few 'do's and 'dont's' but instead of writing them up here, I have affixed them to your common room notice boards. The itemised list of 2759725 punishable offences can be perused there at your leisure, though I should perhaps repeat a few of the more important rules and regulations:

* The Forbidden Forest is, as it's name suggest, off-limits unless accompanied by a member of staff. All games centering around daring your fellow students to set foot inside it will be promptly stopped if you are spotted by member of staff, and yes, games of this sort are punishable by detention. This rule is in place for your own safety.

* Curfew for students up to Fifth Year is 8pm. Sixth and seventh years may stay out till 9.30, but any students found outside of their common rooms after these hours will be punished. It is suggested you are all in bed by 11pm, unless you have a note from a professor indicating that you are working on a particular assignment that requires you to be out of bed (for example, astronomy students may seek permission to visit the astronomy tower to gather data for star charts, etcetera, after hours).

* Absolutely no students in other students dormitories after hours. Boys, as you are aware, you cannot enter the girls dormitories at all. Any efforts to bypass this particular jinx will fail, and possibly backfire horribly, so I can only suggest that you not attempt it.

* Hogsmeade weekends are the only times during which it is permissable to visit the village, unless, of course, you have the permission of a professor or other member of staff. Such permission must be put in writing, and run by the Headmaster (ooh, that's me!) first. Once again, this rule is for your own safety. Any student found sneaking in to the village without the knowledge and blessings of the Headmaster will be punished. Any student found visiting the village on Hogsmeade weekends without the permission of a parent or gaurdian will, similarly, be punished.

* Correct uniform will be worn at all times. We are liberal up to a point, but you must remember that Hogwarts has a tradition running back many centuries, and we cannot allow our students free reign to dress as they would on weekends. Please respect the uniform code.

* Threats towards other students or members of staff will not under any circumstances be tolerated.

I do believe those are the most important ones! Obviously, I would suggest reading up on Argus' list in your free time, if for no other reason, simply to ensure that you don't inadvertantly break a rule and end up on his bad side. He has quite a temper.

As you will now be aware, your head boy and head girl for this year are Mr Kit Newton and Miss Hermione Granger. Feel free to accost them if you require assistance with anything, and likewise your house prefects are there to help. Do respect their authority - they are entitled to issue you with minor detentions, but if you have any issues with their decision making talk to your head of house.

Enjoy your ensuing week, all! The first Hogsmeade Weekend will be next weekend, so those of you who do not yet have a signed permission form, please write to your parents/gaurdian/s. Your forms should be submitted to your head of house for perusal.

Pleasant weekend, all!

~Dumbledore, A

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Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005
4:03 pm - Ascend!

* Same old. I will probably only update Dumbledore if there is a need for him to say something - end of term things, announcements, if children are NORTY etc. Or if he needs to owl distinguished personages.

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Friday, May 20th, 2005
4:35 am - A parting of ways
Urgent business called me away from the school for a week or so (much against my will and better judgement, might I add), and what was I to find upon my return?

Students missing, students taken ill, students neglecting to turn up for classes, students threatening the lives of other students...

This must cease.

Rarely will you find me the sort of individual prone to losing his temper, but with the current climate of things it is difficult not to.

I am, frankly, aghast at what I have found since I have returned.

Of course, I cannot help but feel partially responsible. I should never have left, at such a time...

It is not acceptable, under any circumstance, for you to threaten or carry out threats on the life of another student, or proffessor here at Hogwarts. It is something we take very seriously, at the best of times - and these, children, I feel the need to warn you are not the best of times.

Voldemort has returned - has been 'returned' for three solid years, whether or not you wish to believe it, and even Hogwarts is not completely safe. In a climate such as this, to be running around espousing threats and so fourth to fellow students is not only callous and distasteful, it is downright dangerous.

I should inform you all that eighth year Slytherin, Star Ruet, has been asked to leave the school. I felt I was given no choice, and her head of house agreed with me. Things had gone too far and she may, in the end, be better off at home.

I have nothing more to say, here.

Yours in disappointment, frustration and anger,

~Dumbledore, A

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Tuesday, February 8th, 2005
9:56 pm - Fear no evil
I apologise to all of you for my lack of presence here in the 'digital world'. Things 'IRL' (haha! Do the rest of you not find muggle 'internet slang' to be most amusing? I know that I do!) have been consuming me entirely (quite literally, in the case of the giant venus fly trap Mdm. Sprout introduced me to on Sunday evening) and I simply haven't had a moment to pop 'on-line' and update you all with the inner-workings of what it is like to be Headmaster of Hogwarts.

I have been meeting regularly with Abraxas Sneevely and he informs me that a second meeting of The Tree of Knowledge (the name is still too long, Abraxas? Haven't you a clever acronym I might use? Perhaps you ought to step in to a muggle 'chat-room' and let them invent one for your uses? They're really terribly good at it! brb! lol! afk! rofl! omg!) will be called as soon as he is able to gather the neccessary materials for the advanced project you will be beginning. He asked for access to both Professor Snape and Professor Lupin and Professor Tonk's teaching supplies, which I gave him, though I advised him to check with all concerned before helping himself. In fact, we had a little 'chat' about who is a guest in whose school...

I do hope I got through to him. I believe that I did. I understand his position here, and equally I understand that it is not my place to enforce guidelines on his movements I am beginning to wish that I could but I am Headmaster. I should be holding all the cards, so to speak.

block students and A. SneevelyCollapse )

On a lighter note, the Head Girl has organised several no doubt highly enjoyable events for the next few weeks including tuesdays Pancake Eating Competition (how jolly!) and The Valentines Day Dance.

More updates regarding The Dance shall be posted in the Head Boys journal when the Head Girl has decided on all the details. But there, you see? Don't tell me you never have anything to look forward to!

I would like to remind students - particularly eighth year students - that leaving the grounds during school hours/the school week is prohibited, unless you have special permission to do so. Likewise, I would reccommend informing somebody of your decision to dash off at the weekend if you intend to do so - preferably someone in a position of authority (i.e your head of house, rather than your pet cat).

Finally, on a slightly more somber note, my best wishes to those students who are currently suffering from illness or sickness of any kind. I have spoken to many of you, you know who you are. All the best. I am sure things will come right in the neat future.

Yours optimistically,

~Dumbledore, A

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Sunday, December 19th, 2004
3:18 am - Well...
I apologise to those of you who do not find your new housing arrangements to your liking. Know that were it up to me, they would probably have been a little different - but these days everything is going through the Ministry. One can't breath without first checking to see if it's alright with the Ministry. So if you must rant and rave, kindly direct your comments to Cornelius Fudge and his gang of monkeys in suits officials.

Speaking of monkeys in suits officials, it pains me to note how incredibly bad Mr Sneevley seems to be at keeping to schedual. I apologise to those of you at his tender mercies - he was most tardy in calling that meeting, but hopefully you're now all abreast of what you are to be doing. I've been pressing him for details, but he's being very secretive! Still, it all sounds most exciting! I was told you'd be working on some very advanced magic - Abraxas seems to have a list of qualifications as long as my beard, so I trust that you're all in very capable hands.

Abraxas has requested that I pass on that all of you who are members of said association stay behind this Christmas. He realises this is a little short notice, and hopes your families will understand - if not, he has offered to write you notes, but i'm given to believe that it's rather compulsory you stay. Never mind, though. As many of your fellow students will tell you, Christmas at Hogwarts is a very spirited, festive and joyous occasion. And the food is quite sublime!

If you intend to stay over Christmas, please sign below so the Houselves don't overdo it too much.

Yours festively,

~Dumbledore, A

Blocked from Students and Mr A. SneevelyCollapse )

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Thursday, November 25th, 2004
12:28 pm - Will you walk in to my parlour, said the spider to the fly?
Students selected for the Ministry's private 'special ability' course/program/club/association/organisation/thing (why is it this symposium is as yet un-named? Mr. Sneevley, perhaps you would be so kind as to inform me of a shorter title by which I might call it?) - take heed:

The suspicious inimittable Mr. Sneevely has requested your presence on Saturday Evening for an initial/inaugrual meeting. He has asked you to please bring your wands, and to leave all well-wishers, hangers-on and (as he put it - with much distaste, I noted) 'friends' - at the door.

The meeting will be held in the room of requirement (seventh floor, opposite the tapestry depicting Barnabas the Balmy trying to teach trolls ballet - believe me, you can't miss it. It's a most endearing scene really - much more so than the actual event, which, i'm told, ended in the trolls teaching Barnabas the Balmy how to play lawn bowls...with his own body parts.)

Mr. Sneevley will already have 'created' the room for you, so all you need do is stand before it and concentrate hard on the apparition of a door - according to Sneevley, the door you should be picturing (and thus causing to appear) will be a dark oak, with a silver doorknocker in the shape of a hexagram. If you're unsure of what a hexagram is, I refer you back to first year History of Magic.

You'll all, i'm sure, be pleased to note that I have discussed alternate housing arrangements for eighth year students with the board of govenors. They were (surprisingly) most enthusiastic about the idea - particularly Rabastan Lestrange - who lost no time in owling Fudge, running the plan past him. I am not sure why what I do in my own school is suddenly the business of Cornelius - but no matter...you have your way, Miss. Zabini. At least...mostly.

The govenors and the board of education did stipulate one quid pro quo.

Here is your list of housing arrangementsCollapse )

If you have an inquiries, please place them here - also, you may request a room change if you feel you have strong grounds for needing one.

Simply not getting along with your room-mates will not be sufficient.

Your house teachers will still be keeping an eye on you - over the next week or so, I will be calling you up in groups to get the passwords and locations of your individual residences.

As an aside - Miss. Ruet, Miss Colby and Mr. Nott - I need to see you in my office as soon as possible.

Yours busily,

~Dumbledore, A

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Sunday, October 31st, 2004
1:28 am - Students should note:
The Halloween Feast -

Will take place, as usual, on the evening of October the 31st, in the Great Hall.

However, directly after the feast, would all sixth, seventh and eighth year students please report to the entrance hall where you will be taken, by your house teachers, to the disused, overgrown and really somewhat dangerous rosegarden in the school grounds.

Wands are required - do not forget to bring them.

As it is a somewhat momentous occasion the board of Govenors, presided over by Rabastan Lestrange will be attending, along with Fudge's delgate, Mr. Oliver Sneevely. Fudge himself cannot be present due to being unable to find his way out of his own office his immensely hefty workload, and besides, as he wrote in a recent letter to me...:

I have entrusted Sneevely with the task of overseeing this program....I know you will respect my wishes and stand by my decision to place him in charge...

Oh, of course. What the minister wants, the minister gets!

Severus...I know I can trust you to keep an eye on Sneevely's management of this little program - from and outside aspect, of course. But none the less....

In any case, I shall see you all on the eve of the 31st. The feast itself is set to beat last years, hands down. The house elves have been working around the clock to bring you the finest, most festive cuisine and I hear the Ghosts have been working on an a'cappela choral version of Mariah Carey's (?) "Hero". Apparently, the song itself isn't in the least bit frightening, but none the less it has the capacity to 'terrify [us] out of our wits' (quoth Sir. Nicholas De Mimsy Porpington). Hm...

Perhaps I should look this 'Carey' character up...we could book her, for next Halloween.

Yours ponderously,

~Dumbledore, A

PS: Miss Zabini, I have not forgotten your request. Be assured that I am thinking on it, and will discuss it with the board of Govenors whilst they are here, on all hallows eve.

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Saturday, October 2nd, 2004
1:12 am - Something wicked this way comes
Welcome back, Students, for another corking year at Hogwarts!

Most of the ministry officials have now vacated the premises, although i'm loath to announce that Fudge's new deputy, Sneevely, has stayed behind to 'oversee' some new arrangements which have been/will be put in to place in the near future...

Fudge advised me of some of these 'arrangements' himself, and I can't say I am over the moon about them. In fact, i'm most distinctly put out! But as Fudge so happily reminded me - there are some things which I simply have no authority over.

Much as it angers me to admit it, he is correct.

So...what of the new 'changes' that have been implemented?

For one, the board of Govenors has seen a few alterations. Now, residing at it's head, is Rudolphus Lestrange. Mr. Lestrange and I have had words about his behaviour whilst on the board, and really, i'd rather have nixed the murdering scoundrel but Fudge was adament about his appointment so what was I to do? He seems well aware of what is expected of him, in any case. And we'll be keeping an eye.

In another, slightly happier vein, Hogwarts will play host this year to a rather new and exciting program designed to bring out the very best in our Sixth, Seventh and Eighth year students. Given the...difficulties you seemed to have last year, it's been decided that a program to bring out your talents and potential is required. Hopefully it will encourage some of you to strive just that little bit harder, and foster that raw talent I know so many of you already have. This was, surprisingly, another suggestion made by Fudge, along with the Education Department and the school board. I rather agree with them, on this one - I think it a spiffing notion.

That in mind, in the next few weeks a special assembly will be held in the grounds, near the old rose garden and 'wishing well'. You will all be notified of when this will take place, closer to the date.

In closing, i'd like to extend my warmest welcomes to Professor Tonks and Professor Lupin who haved joined us this term, in the now joint Defence Against the Dark Arts position. I know they will do tremendously here.

Yours Happily,

Dumbledore, A

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Friday, September 10th, 2004
7:50 pm - Trouble afoot. Or ahand.
Chaos, at the moment, reigns. Not something I like to admit - and I will put your minds at ease by saying that it is a relatively controlled kind of chaos. The reason your start of term date has been put back is due to this 'controlled chaos'. I will elaborate shortly.

Firstly, Ex-Seventh years will probably already have received the following owl...

All hell breaks looseCollapse )

What can I say? I was as shocked as you all probably are when I was sent an owl notifying me of what was going on.

No more shocked than I was when Fudge informed me there had been a 'general threat' made towards the school, and he forbid me to open it as usual (as it had been for hundreds of years) on September the first.

Fudge and some of the ministry officials - including aurors, and a few sketchy looking fellows from some department I am not allowed to know the name of - are still lurking about the castle, probing dark corners and making sure 'no stone is left unturned'. I have still not been informed of the nature of this supposed threat, but I thought it better not to invite you all back to a castle that may be unsafe. In the past, such actions on my part (even if, in the end, for the best) have been frowned upon by our dear friend Fudge, and I wouldn't like to jeopardise my situation with the ministry just now. I feel that this year may be quite important. Important that I stay here, and am with you - especially you 'eighth years' - guiding you through this...

Well, whatever 'this' turns out to be.

Also, I thought it wise to be on Fudge's good side given what I am asking of him re: Professor R J Lupin and Miss N. Tonks.

So, in short, you should all have received your Hogwarts letters for next term, by now. You will note that on then, it states that the Hogwarts Express will collect you all from Platform 9 3/4 on The Twenty First of September. Nobody can object to longer holidays, correct? Good.

I shall look forward to greeting you all in several weeks time.

Yours in bafflement,

~Dumbledore, A

Owl to R. J Lupin and N. TonksCollapse )

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Wednesday, July 21st, 2004
12:09 pm - Oh! The excitement!
I am terribly aggrieved to hear of the difficulties you seventh years had with your examinations. I cannot offer you any explanation, i'm afraid, as I have no personal hand in organising the papers - they come (as you would have read, here) from the ministry, and are presided over to a degree by Fudge. And as most of you will know, The Minister and I do not quite see eye to eye on things. His paranoia prevents him from asking for my assistance in things which he may find a little...tricky, so the first I heard about any percieved...'fiendish impossibility' re. the exams was when a poor Hufflepuff student burst in to my office in tears, tearing at her hair, screaming about having to recite, from memory, every charm (from A to Z) in 'The Wizards Charm Compendium, 1872 edition' which wasn't (as she felt the need to inform me) even on the book list.

There is nothing I can do about it, i'm afraid. It is out of my hands. I can only assume the ministry meant to spring this surprise on you to see how well you cope under intense pressure, and will mark you not on how much you know but how well (or badly) you reacted.

On to more pleasant things...

As you would have read in our Head Girl's journal, The Hogwarts 7th Year Graduation Ball is being held this evening, at six thirty in the evening, untill eleven (and that is PM not AM - we want you to be up in time to catch your train home tomorrow!). You may recall being issued with a note, along with your booklist and letter earlier in the year at the start of term, so please try not to be too whingey about the fact that we've 'sprung this on you'. Whinging isn't constructive at all. Whining on the other hand...

But I digress. Miss. Abbott told you that I would be posting a list of rules and regulations, which I shall do. For a more complete list please see Professor Snape, Mr Filch (who is in posession of the master parchment, with all 246 items), Professor Mcgonogall or your head of house.

The Rules are as follows...:

If you are going to bring someone, please make sure they are a fellow Seventh year, or a Sixth year. We'd prefer they were of the opposite sex, but we can't enforce that particular stipulation. Some of you are very androgynous. We won't be checking.

Please arrive on time, and if you plan on leaving early make sure it is only to go back to your dormitory/common room. Notify a staff member before you leave.

No exceptionally revealing items of clothing are to be worn. And no, that doesn't mean we will ask you to take them off, rather we'll be casting a full body bandage-bind curse, which will render you a similar appearance to that of a mummy. Not particularly attractive (no offence intended to those of you with Egyptian heritage).

Please try not to do any of your fellow classmates physical harm, no matter what they are wearing, who they are dancing with, or how much prettier they are than you.

Enjoy Yourself!

(And try the punch. It's an old family recipe of mine that I handed to the house-elves months ago. It's been brewing fermenting for months now, and is sure to have some...interesting effects!)

Remus - I have a meeting with Fudge schedualed for next week. I'll see what I can do about that little issue you and I have been discussing. It would certainly be most helpful and pleasant to have you on board next term.

Yours high-spiritedly,
Dumbledore, A

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Wednesday, July 7th, 2004
7:02 pm - Thinking caps
After many lengthy owls to Cornelius the seventh year NEWT examination parchments and other details pertaining to the practical/written exams have arrived at Hogwarts.

Not a moment too soon, either. I would recommend that the seventh years prepare to begin NEWTs early next week, although of course our head boy Terrance Boot will post the actual timetable both in his 'live journal' and place copies up on the noticeboards of each common room for you all to peruse and take, if you wish.

Still not entirely sure what the delay with the NEWTs was. It took at least a week for Fudge to even reply to my owls, and when he did his replies were scrawled, barely legible and very vauge. I think perhaps the poor chap is under a bit of stress. I offered to give him a hand with the preperation of the papers, but he seemed very disinclined to even let me read them. I haven't had a moment to, in any case. They're still safely locked away in my office, the purple ribbon that binds them still unbroken.

Perhaps I will send Fudge some sherbert lemons, and a pair of socks. I find these things to be most comforting when my nerves are jangled. Also perhaps it will highlight to him that I am not trying to usurp him from his position as Minister for Magic.

Dear Merlin, why would I want to be a Minister?

So good luck to you, Seventh years - Fifth years, your examinations should be drawing to a close in the next few days, and i'm sure each of you has performed admirably. So long as you have tried, you shall not have failed.

Yours inspirationally,

Dumbledore, A

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Monday, June 21st, 2004
2:59 pm - Students should take note
In order to better oversee the content of your muggle studies journal project(s), it was suggested to me by an un-named member of the staff (Professor Snape) that the faculty also participate in this particular 'on-line' activity.

In all honesty, I am not plagued with concern as to what any of you write in your personal journals. However it did look rather amusing and therefore I felt it would indeed be beneficial for those members of the staff who felt so inclined, to procure one of these 'livejournals'.

The world of the muggle internet is one that has always fascinated me, but I must confess, somewhat befuddled me. Muggles seem to spend an inordinate amount of time gazing at this flickering screen, learning things from it, purchasing things through it, speaking to people from all over the world on it...fascinating. Occasionally I wonder if they don't have a little magic in them after all. Truly, their inventions can be nothing short of wonderous.

Some students seem to be a little confused as to the exact date of the end of term. Far be it from me to keep you here a moment longer than needs be, so i've managed to locate the offical Hogwarts Term Calendar (I appear to have been using it as paper sailor-hat for Fawkes. He was most displeased when I took it back - I shall have to find something else for him, now...perhaps the fifth year Divination exam paper. Sybill will never miss it.). In any case, here it is...

Still haven't been owled the Seventh year NEWT papers from the Ministry. Our Headboy assures me that he has in his posession the timetables, but they aren't much good without the actual exams, are they?

Must owl Fudge about it.

Yours apprehensively,
~Dumbledore, A

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